03 May 2018

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30 July 2016

Back to school

With school around the corner I have 2 worksheets to share.  Parent or teacher.  Homeschool, child care centers, or class rooms.

Everyone loves to watch young learners as their drawings change from colored blobs to little people with more details.  Ears, belly buttons, hands... all things I love seeing as my little artists develop more fine motor skill.  I created this page to track that development.  I give it at the beginning of the year and then at the end of each term.  The page is free to download.


I also made an art study page for students.  It lets students enjoy the art and artist while learning facts about the artist and developing a love for the art work.  You can find that page here.


21 March 2014

Dance Bag

Libi had been sharing a dance bag with her Sister, but we decided it was time she had her own.  So, I collected an old faded sheet and some fabric scraps and put together this little bag for her.

Old sheets have become my new favorite fabric.  I can find old faded ones at the thrift shop for super cheap!

I used this tutorial from Crazy Little Projects to make my bag.

01 March 2014