31 March 2010

Edward and Bella in my craft room!!

I got this stamp from Courtney and love playing with it! I was working on a card when I fell in love with all the colors and elements and decided to frame it for myself... and since Todd is my edward I think it is quite cute! The 2 cut-outs (heart and swirl thing) are cut-outs I did with my cricut. There is a quote from one of the books and our anniversary date posted below that. Using glitter embossing powder I made edward glitter which is about the only thing I can't seem to get Todd to do..lol. Sparkle Damit Sparkle!!! Anyway... Bella and Edward are colored with water color pencils and a blending medium. All the elements are inked around the edges with black and purple ink. And i used an embossing folder for the elegant texture behind edward and bella. Isn't it cute?!?

Remember these?

Maybe I'm the only one... lol.

The Butthole Surfers ... Pepper
This song was so rad back when it hit radios in what, 1996? Some people will argue the lyrics and their meaning. Some saying that they meant that you have to slow down and enjoy life. Others would argue that they were saying people who live life in the fast lane are just in love with death. I've heard that the song refers to the big 20/20 heroin hits texas hard story. And still others would say it was one or two lines of intelligent insight among a shitload of silly lyrics. Regardless of your theory on lyrics this song was totally bad ass!

LFO ... Summer Girls
Oh yeah... I know everyone had this song jamming all summer long! I believe this one hit the chats in 1999. We all like it because it makes us remember the summer it came out or summer in general actually. Reminds us of best friends or summer crushes... you know you like it!

Movies that suck...

History of Violence... the worst movie ever! I remember going to see this movie in theater and thinking that maybe there would be a twist at the end or a moral to the story or something. Then the movie ended. Terrible Terrible movie... actually the worst movie I ever saw. Even Todd wanted to leave the theater.
Well... I'm not sure what reminded me about this movie... but yeah... worst movie ever and I am so disappointed that we wasted money to see that.

29 March 2010

Fancy Nancy Party

Madison went to a Fancy Nancy Party at the library. They had ice cream, made tiaras, read fancy nancy books and even had the ROTC there so the girls could walk under swords all fancy like! They had so much fun.

More Hair ...

Madison went to a Fancy Nancy party at the library. We dressed her up and I did a little updo for her hair. I french braided her hair up the back instead of down and then curled her hair. We sprinkled glitter all over her hair to finish off the look.

Below is a picture of Madison's hair for school today. She just wanted a Ponytail today, but I wanted to dress it up somehow. This is what we ended up with.

28 March 2010

26 March 2010


Miss Liberty is not the lets do it kind of girl! She would much rather sit and read a book or do light exploring in a place she is comfortable. She does not like change and I think she will never like extreme sports. She even hates the slide!! What kid hates to slide? LOL This is a picture we caught trying to do the little slide again... Obviously the slide is pure torture!!

We are all really excited that she finally decided to walk though. She took her first steps yesterday... trying to escape the play area...lol. She just does not like people or busy places! She sure is something!

24 March 2010

Why I like Patch 3.3.3

Frozo the Renowned can be found in Dalaran in the Magus Commerce Exchange(sanctuary).
-Cords 39,28-
His purpose is to help you spend all those frozen orbs you have in your bags and bank.
His list of goods include:
Runed Orb
Eternal Life
Eternal Fire
Eternal Air
Frost Lotus
Crusader Orb
Eternal Shadow
Eternal Water
Eternal Earth
and a special pattern for tailors... The Frosty Flying Carpet

The Frosty Flying Carpet is similar to the magnificent flying carpet. However the nice thing about the new Frosty one is that it requires only Moonshroud, Spellweave, Ebonweave, and 4 Frozen orbs. Another nice thing about patch 3.3.3 is it did away with the 4 day cool downs on cloth. You can now create as much specialty cloth as you desire without traveling all over dragonblight to do it!

With this patch there is also a random battle ground reward. The picture below shows you how to find your battleground box and how to que. I enjoy battlegrounds because I take the honor points and trade them for Epic Gems (from the gem trader inside the Orgrimmar battle ground tent), which I can either use or sell as needed.

Of course there is a lot more in Blizzards patch notes, including class related changes, which you can find here... http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnotes/

Have fun and See you around azeroth...
Skate, Emerald, Grisom, Koothrappali
Death By Chocolate on Wowstead
Death By Chocolate


A quick little post this morning. Divided madison's hair into a little pony in the center and left loose hair all the way around. French braided the loose hair, curled the pony, pinned up the curls and added a cute flower clip. Ta-Da!

22 March 2010

Fancy Nancy Poetry Journal

I found myself on the Fancy Nancy web site and they have the cutest little print outs... one of my favorites is the Fancy Nancy Poetry Journal. Here is the link for the pdf :)


Go me!

I had class today and am so proud of myself for making the effort! Go Me!
Now off to look for some organization ideas that won't break the bank. I need help with all our closets! Hmm... and the laundry and craft room could use some help too!

19 March 2010

So last night the Northern Lights were out and I took Madison for a drive to see. They were amazing, bright and dancing! I wish I could share what we saw, but of course no pictures could compare. I took my little camera out and it kinda picked up a little of the lights. I think I would need a very expensive professional grade camera to pick them up correctly. My camera can't even pick up stars ...lol... but it did get some of these lights!

17 March 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Made the girls pillowcase dresses and Christian a matching tie!
Madison's hair is supposed to be a shamrock.

14 March 2010

stand up cards...

So the original idea for this card came from Dawn's Stampin' Thoughts. However, I changed it up a bit and got to play around with some new things. I used embossing powder for the first time today. I love the stuff! Both stamps are done with a glittery pink embossing powder. Since I don't have the link to the exact website ... Base is 8*4, scored landscape 2 and 4, front is 4*4 glued onto the 2 inch piece. I also tried this with a smaller front and it turned out really cute!

12 March 2010

Mage Spec - Raiding / Heroics

So after a lot of respecs and a bunch of gold later... I finally think I came up with a good spec for PVE. I tried this out on a couple heroics last night and was finally able to keep up on the DPS charts. I went Arcane - 57/3/11.

My Spell rotation on boss fights :
I make sure I have my Molten Armor on as well as Arcane Intellect.... and give caster or healer the focus magic.
I start with Presence of mind.. that way my Arcane Blast becomes instant cast. I then use the rest of my cool downs. Arcane Power, Icy Veins, Mirror Image.
Then I go Arcane Blast 2 more times (this stacks it for the x3 stack).
After that I make a choice... If my Arcane Missiles proc (not sure if that is the right term Razz) and I have Missile Barrage up, I use the Arcane Missiles..
. if not, then I use my Arcane Barrage. I then Stack the blast again (x3) and choose either Arcane Missiles or Arcane Barrage. Use my cooldowns when they come up again and will probably need to use a Mana Sapphire.
Now of course on mobs I won't use my cooldowns, but pretty much the same rotation.

My Glyphs :
Glyph of Arcane Power - Which increases the duration by 3 sec.
Glyph of Arcane Blast - Which increases the damage by 3%
Glyph of Molten Armor - Which gives me an additional 20% of my spirit as critical strike rating.

If anyone has any hints, tips, or questions... please share! I'm always looking to learn something and always willing to help.

- Skate
Below is a picture that includes how the rotation is set up on my in game bar. Mostly I just spam 2 a lot! LOL

Alice in Wonderland

I took the kids to see the new Alice in Wonderland. It was a lot of fun! They did an excellent job with this movie! Anyhow... these are a couple pictures we took in front of the poster :). Does it look like the Red queen has her arm around me???

11 March 2010

Tote-able towels


So the full preview came out this morning! There are a lot of things I'm hoping they put into this movie... especially some of the Cullens back stories. However, no matter what they put in the movie I will be there at midnight watching Eclipse like the hopelessly addicted Twilight Saga fan I am. I really hope to see Jasper talk about the newborns and at some point they really need to share Rosalie's story before Breaking Dawn!