26 February 2010

Easter Card

Made these cute little Easter cards with a free digi stamp from Dustin Pike! (http://dustinpike.blogspot.com/) used an embossing folder and some ribbon to accent this cute little guy.
Well, Madison and I have to go to the dentist today, so off we go... I love the dentist! :)

25 February 2010


Busy busy Thursday! So I'm throwing up a post real quick since we have a full day today. I swiped Madison's hairdo from http://cute2tryhairdos.blogspot.com/. Christian and Liberty are going to the library together so they are wearing their matching batman t-shirts... are they cute or what?

24 February 2010


I wanted to do a small ceremony for the girls to go over and present the thinking day pins to the girls. I made these certificates and printed them on photo paper so they would be shiny and I can pin the thinking day pins onto the certificates. I added each girls name and then printed them out. The pictures are not mine... I just put everything together. So tomorrow I'll explain what the pin means and then present each girl with her certificate. The girls will then get to pin on their thinking day pins. We have a few other awards to pass out tomorrow as well... some of the girls did well with their cookie sales and are getting top seller patches. Also scavenger hunt patches and thinking day fun patches!
Oh... I included pictures of the bags we made for the girls swaps and Madison's collection of swaps :).

23 February 2010

Food Day

No work for the hubby today, so I took the opportunity to go to the commisary without the kids!! It was amazing being able to zip through the store and get what I need without my normal entourage! Now this isn't a friendly entourage either. This is the fighting and booger faced kind. Anyway, we are now stocked on food (Madison checked!).
After a long day of shopping and putting away, I whipped up some french dip roast beef po-boys. The night followed with a super mario brothers wii event and bedtime. It was such a productive grocery day...lol.
Clothes are laid out... sink is shined... now off to bed.

22 February 2010

Cute ponytail...


Madison won a blue ribbon (first place) for her science fair project on clouds!

17 February 2010