28 October 2011

Dustin's Challenge - Kid style!

So My kids wanted to do Dustin's challenge too! They came up with the idea of using "sprinkles" (embossing powder) because it is "shiny". They also came up with the idea of fireworks because in Alaska, you can't do fireworks in the summer. You will burn everything down and you can't see them anyway because it is always sunny. However, during the winter, we break the fireworks out. Tonight they saw a huge firework display for Halloween. They also had a blast coloring Dustin's images. They used water color pencils and markers. My kids are pro crafters...LOL.

Two Birds ... One Stone

So I took a peek at the current challenge over on Dustin's page.
And it happened to be shiny.
Well I have been sitting on this shiny mirrored vinyl forever!
So anyway... I wanted to make the kids a dry erase "where we're going" board.
So each day they can see where we will be going or if we have any errands to run.
Then they can get themselves ready appropriately.
So needless to say... I created a "shiny" project for Dustin's challenge.
I let the kids pick out their favorite Dustin image and printed it out. Cut it down with some paper to fit behind the frame. Used my cricut to cut the shiny vinyl with their favorite saying from "Phineas and Ferb". Then hung it with a dry erase marker!

03 October 2011

The 15 min Pillowcase Dress

Measure out two pieces of fabric. Here is a quick guide for length:
Size 12M - 16"
Size 18M - 18"
Size 24M - 20"
Size 2T - 22"
Size 3T - 24"
Size 4T - 26"
Size 5 - 28"
Size 6 - 30"
Size 7 - 32"
Size 8 - 34"

Stitch the two pieces together with wrong sides facing out.

Cut sleeve wholes out on each side at the top.

Stitch elastic into the neck.

Use bias tape to finish arm holes and make ties for the top of the dress.

Hem the bottom... I like to use blanket binding sometimes. The contrast is nice and the girls really like the satin feel around their legs :)

Ta-da... your done!

Halloween Cards

The hubby and I made tombstones for the front yard... just scrap wood and paint! Dr. Izzy Gone, Respawn in 3...2...1, Justin Pieces, Lea Ning, I told you I was sick, M. T. Box, RIP, and Ben Dover.

Halloween cards using images from Dustin Pike