28 October 2011

Dustin's Challenge - Kid style!

So My kids wanted to do Dustin's challenge too! They came up with the idea of using "sprinkles" (embossing powder) because it is "shiny". They also came up with the idea of fireworks because in Alaska, you can't do fireworks in the summer. You will burn everything down and you can't see them anyway because it is always sunny. However, during the winter, we break the fireworks out. Tonight they saw a huge firework display for Halloween. They also had a blast coloring Dustin's images. They used water color pencils and markers. My kids are pro crafters...LOL.


  1. Oh this is fabulous - your kids have done brilliantly - their fireworks are wonderful!! Thank you all for joining us this week at Pike's Playground and have a wonderful Halloween!

  2. I love it! Tell the kiddos they did an amazing job and we love it! Thanks for letting them join us at Pike's Playground!


  3. Great artistic potential there Skate... the kids did wonderful pictures. Tell them thank you from the Doodle Crew.

  4. too cute, my daughter LOVES colouring Dustins images too :) Thanks for joining us this week at "Pike's Playground"