28 April 2010

Spring Concert...

The Kindergarten classes performed for us today in their Spring concert. Madison did a wonderful job. She looked very cute with her updo and pretty dress. We got to visit with her in class after the concert. Her silver things in her hair are actually Air Force uniform buttons. I attached them to bobby pins by the loops and pinned them in her hair!

23 April 2010

Why I'd be a starving artist...

Ok... so I actually kind of like this piece... I just keep debating with myself if I like it enough to keep it!
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19 April 2010


First game was today! Madison looked so cute in her cheer outfit. She was LOUD too! I was so proud of her!

We did up her hair for her first game. I started by french braiding up the back. Then left a section of hair from ear to ear... from her bangs to about an inch back. Everything else went into a pony tail. Then french braided the section we left out.... pulling sections from the pony tail.

16 April 2010

Glasses for Madison

Isn't she cute! I'm not entirely sold that these are what she needs though. She seems to fatigue when reading so I'm pretty certain she needs glasses, I just don't think the Dr. got her prescription right. The first Dr. we talked to said she was far sighted like her daddy, but she wouldn't need glasses right away. The second Dr. said she was near sighted and she only needed reading glasses. When she wears them I notice her rubbing her eyes a lot and I'm not certain if it is because the prescription is wrong for her or because she is not used to them yet. I will give it a few days and keep an eye on her. If I don't notice her doing better I'll take her to another Dr.

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Hair again

Courtney showed me this the other day and I loved it! Tried to recreate what Courtney did on Madison's hair.

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Pirate Loot

Lunch bag... added one of Dustin Pikes images.

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Toby and Buster Card

This is one of the images in Dustin Pikes new set!
Order before midnight Saturday April 17th 2010 and the set includes bonus Toby and Buster images! The regular Toby and Buster set will come in Black and White & Color! AND You get the Pirates 2010 set!
Order Toby and Buster Here
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14 April 2010

Superhero party...

So I'm getting ready for Christian's Superhero party next month. My big job is getting all the capes put together for all the little ones 6 and under who are attending. The older ones can play football or tennis. The birthday is themed around Superhero Training. The kids will receive their capes when they receive their invitations.
My party plan: When kids arrive at the party they will make superhero masks. We will give kids about 30min to make their masks and arrive and then we will start the training. Training includes a over & under relay, web blasting, and pass the kryptonite. I will have certificates printed for the kids and they will have a little "graduation" ceremony after the training. We will then sing happy birthday and present Christian with his cake and everyone can eat. I'm praying the weather will be nice enough for us to keep the party outside and Todd can grill.
Here are some "previews" of the capes and invitations.

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12 April 2010

Father/Daughter Dance

Madison and her Daddy went to the Father/Daughter dance on Saturday. They had a great time and have been telling me all about it ever since they got home. The made a picture, a corsage, they danced, had punch, made sundaes, won a door prize, and even got to bring home the center piece and balloons! Madison got a kick out of her daddy doing the chicken dance, and they danced the macarena. Here are some of the pictures....

10 April 2010

Ipad vs. Slate

my first question is where were all the women when apple was choosing a name for their newest product? and did anyone try to explain to them why a sanitary product might not make the best name for a $600 product? LOL

Anyway... thanks to apples remarkable advertisers they once again sold the nation on something. Well everyone but me that is.

With Ipad's heavy tablet that CAN NOT replace your laptop, there are a few more reasons IPad is not my first pick. Now don't get me wrong... if you love your Iphone and want to get a super version of it... this is a buy for you. But if your struggling with the economy and want a cool toy at a better deal.. then check out the Hp's Slate.

  • It is about the size of a piece of paper
  • It is everything you would expect from a apple touch screen experience
  • The battery life (so far) is great
  • Slightly lighter than the Ipad
  • Offers features that are missing on the iPad, such as a built-in camera, a USB port (a real one, not an adapter), and an SD card slot.
  • 3MP lens in back and a front-facing VGA camera for video conferencing
  • "conventional" SIM tray for 3G networking
  • HDMI-out video capabilities (not to mention 1080p playback) via the Slate's dock connector
  • Windows 7, a full-on, multitasking, desktop-caliber operating system

  • Heavier than you would think
  • The keyboard app is ackward to type on and would leave you hunched over a table.
  • Apps are expensive
  • No flash support
  • Won't replace your laptop
  • You will have to buy other assesories, like a keyboard
  • Shorter battery life (5hrs compared to the 10 hours on the Ipad)
  • Price tag may be slightly higher than the IPad
So Slate wins hands down for me...
Check it out for yourself...

Oh wow... a long one...

Story time last Thursday was about dog mushing. The kids had a lot of fun meeting a dog and checking out the sled.

We participated in a scavenger hunt Friday and one of the things we needed was a Halloween greeting card... so I whipped this one up real fast. We had a lot of fun though running around ... I think the greatest was the pictures... We had to wear wigs and take a picture with smokey the bear, play twister in the bowling alley, wear diving fins at the playground... and so much more.

Madison is getting reading glasses. Christian thinks he needs them too... I couldn't help but giggle to myself when he tried on a pair. He looks so much like his daddy...lol

A new place for my craft stuff. I still have a ways to go but this is the start. I actually have an area dedicated to everything now. I started to paint the walls... but then couldn't bear to cover all the kids art. Especially since this is a room of inspiration and nothing inspires me more than my kids. The room is L shaped so on one end I have my cricut, computer, and sewing machine... things I use together a lot. I put all my fabric into the old wood toy chest and got under the bed cases for the kids toys.

The other end of the room is the paper area and a table for me to sit and do my cutting, stamping, and card making... most of the supplies which have been moved into the drawers of the huge case behind the table.

So it may not look like much... but if you look at what I came from...

Lol... yeah... what a mess!!

09 April 2010

Story-book dress up...

Today the kids are having a Story-book dress up party at school...
I actually forgot all about this until my friend reminded me early this morning.
Well this is what we put together this morning...

06 April 2010

Mission decorate and organize!

I decided I'm going to move my craft room out of the laundry room! Tomorrow I will grab a few new shelves and get started on my mission. If anyone has super ideas for organizing and decorating let me know... I'm working with an L shaped room w/ no windows... time to get creative! I can't wait to get started! I've got the spring cleaning bug. We got our garage all cleaned out! Go us! I also have some before pictures I can't wait to share once I have some after pictures to go with them.

I found a really cool blog http://www.tipjunkie.com/. While browsing the site I found the coolest thing I think I've found on the web yet! A guide to chores by age!!! View the chart here.

Well, I'm going to go check out the Northern lights for a few minutes and then get myself in bed.

New stamps and a hairdo...

So I sectioned of hair and braided it so it snaked around her head... Pinned it all up on the side of her head, though I bed it would make a cute side pony if she had more hair...lol.

I also got a new stamp set... 2step seasons set from stampin up. I kinda made it more than 2 steps though...embossing and using extra colors where I wanted... really cute set though!

05 April 2010

Earth Day Cards

In the mood to play with my cricut... and the product of my creativity...
I think I used the Stampin' Solutions, Going places, and Plantin cartridges. The paper was a combination of cardstock and a freebie paper pack with my last Stampin' Up purchase, I think it was called welcome to the neighborhood.

Card #1...

Card #2... This one was made with my friend Courtney in mind... She loves owls...

04 April 2010

dustin pike's freebie and another card...

Dustin Pike put up some new freebies to download! He wanted to thank his 1000 followers... visit his blog here and become a follower too!
The 1000 followers freebie set included a cute little bear with wings leaning over a sign... as soon as I saw this picture I thought of a military wife, thus inspiring my most recent card.
I think I will use this card in the Let's Get Cookie Recipe On DDS Challenge Blog
Recipe = DDS Image, 3 Designer Papers, Ribbon, and Bling...
And here is the finished project...

I had a chance to play with my new favorite crafting tools also... my embossing items. I got the versamarker pen out and used it to color in the wings and then added the kaleidoscope embossing powder. I love the Embossing Heat Tool which I got for only a couple bucks using a 40% off coupon at JoAnns.

Inside the card is the Military Spouse's Prayer...

Lord, Give me the strenth of heart to see, The difference in duty and his love for me, Give me the understanding to know, that when duty calls, he must go, give me the patience to know in my heart, that he is serving his country and doing his part, Give me the strength to carry on, when he's working late or must be gone, Give me a task to do each day, to fill the time while he is away, Give me others who can share, the ups and downs and who'll really care, Give me the wisdom to get me through, And Lord, while our family is here, Keep us healthy, safe and ful of cheer.