10 April 2010

Ipad vs. Slate

my first question is where were all the women when apple was choosing a name for their newest product? and did anyone try to explain to them why a sanitary product might not make the best name for a $600 product? LOL

Anyway... thanks to apples remarkable advertisers they once again sold the nation on something. Well everyone but me that is.

With Ipad's heavy tablet that CAN NOT replace your laptop, there are a few more reasons IPad is not my first pick. Now don't get me wrong... if you love your Iphone and want to get a super version of it... this is a buy for you. But if your struggling with the economy and want a cool toy at a better deal.. then check out the Hp's Slate.

  • It is about the size of a piece of paper
  • It is everything you would expect from a apple touch screen experience
  • The battery life (so far) is great
  • Slightly lighter than the Ipad
  • Offers features that are missing on the iPad, such as a built-in camera, a USB port (a real one, not an adapter), and an SD card slot.
  • 3MP lens in back and a front-facing VGA camera for video conferencing
  • "conventional" SIM tray for 3G networking
  • HDMI-out video capabilities (not to mention 1080p playback) via the Slate's dock connector
  • Windows 7, a full-on, multitasking, desktop-caliber operating system

  • Heavier than you would think
  • The keyboard app is ackward to type on and would leave you hunched over a table.
  • Apps are expensive
  • No flash support
  • Won't replace your laptop
  • You will have to buy other assesories, like a keyboard
  • Shorter battery life (5hrs compared to the 10 hours on the Ipad)
  • Price tag may be slightly higher than the IPad
So Slate wins hands down for me...
Check it out for yourself...

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