02 April 2010

Military Appreciation Banquet

I don't really have pictures of the banquet itself, but I do have a few pictures of Todd and Myself. Courtney took some cute ones of us and spent the night babysitting for us! Thank you so much Courtney!
The banquet was great, the food was nice, the place was decorated amazing, and we had a lot of fun getting to know the people of Alaska. General Schwartz and U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski gave beautiful speeches, as did all the presenters and speakers. The had a beautiful Musical Presentation by the Denali Brass Quintet that also consisted of a slide show of the local military. Drainer was among the pictured in the slide show to represent the weather squadron.
Over all we had a lot of fun... and I had a lot of fun dressing up. Thank you fairbanks for a wonderful evening!

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  1. Kudos kiddo! You did very well. :D
    Stunningly beautiful; excellently elegant and perfect for the evening. Todd had to have been very pleased. I know we are proud of you. Sorry i didn't respond to your questions soon enough but you did quite well on your own. btw, who did your hair? We are all glad to hear you had a pleasant evening. God knows you two deserve it.