14 April 2010

Superhero party...

So I'm getting ready for Christian's Superhero party next month. My big job is getting all the capes put together for all the little ones 6 and under who are attending. The older ones can play football or tennis. The birthday is themed around Superhero Training. The kids will receive their capes when they receive their invitations.
My party plan: When kids arrive at the party they will make superhero masks. We will give kids about 30min to make their masks and arrive and then we will start the training. Training includes a over & under relay, web blasting, and pass the kryptonite. I will have certificates printed for the kids and they will have a little "graduation" ceremony after the training. We will then sing happy birthday and present Christian with his cake and everyone can eat. I'm praying the weather will be nice enough for us to keep the party outside and Todd can grill.
Here are some "previews" of the capes and invitations.

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