31 March 2010

Remember these?

Maybe I'm the only one... lol.

The Butthole Surfers ... Pepper
This song was so rad back when it hit radios in what, 1996? Some people will argue the lyrics and their meaning. Some saying that they meant that you have to slow down and enjoy life. Others would argue that they were saying people who live life in the fast lane are just in love with death. I've heard that the song refers to the big 20/20 heroin hits texas hard story. And still others would say it was one or two lines of intelligent insight among a shitload of silly lyrics. Regardless of your theory on lyrics this song was totally bad ass!

LFO ... Summer Girls
Oh yeah... I know everyone had this song jamming all summer long! I believe this one hit the chats in 1999. We all like it because it makes us remember the summer it came out or summer in general actually. Reminds us of best friends or summer crushes... you know you like it!

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