04 March 2010

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So our guild had a successful FOR THE HORDE run last night.

Organizing the groups:

In group 1: I had the Main Tank and 2 healers for him
In group 2: I had 2 off Tanks and 2 healers - one for each of them
In group 3,4,5, and 6: I put all the PVE spec'd DPS with a few healers
In group 7 and 8: I put all the PVP spec'd DPS with a few healers

The last 2 groups watched our butts :P and took down any resistance from alliance players trying to protect their cities.

Our Game Plan:

We started with Ironforge. I had everyone meet in Org and had mages put up ports to stonard. Everyone flew to the badlands where we all ran up to Ironforge. King Magni Bronzebeard is located near 40.54. After we killed bronzebeared we headed for the tram.
This is where we had our one slip up... MAKE SURE YOU RAISE YOUR DEAD. A few people got left behind here.

The Tram will take you straight to Stormwind. King is located near 80.38. For this guy we had the MT fight the boss in the room to the west. and groups 7 and 8 watched the door and fought off the 80's rushing to save their king. After the boss went down, we opened ports to OG, people hearthed, to rez sickness... and made their way to ashenvale. We had a warlock open a summoning stone and we summoned everyone.

From Ashenvale we ran up to the alliance city where the long wash is, I can't remember the name of it... but it is where all the boats are on that long dock over in darkshore. We took the boat on the right of the dock to Darnassus. DO NOT TRY TO RUN WITH PATH OF FROST! You will die... and then you have a mess of trying to get everyone back together. Ready check on the dock and take the purple portal into the city. After boss which is near 38.78 rez the dead and head back to the boats.

Finally is Exodar... the boat is the one on the very end of the long wash. I think the boss is near 21.44 but I can't remember exactly... I do know that if you go in the side door and down the ramp, the boss is directly behind the ramp up some stairs. He is a prophet. We killed him opened ports to dal and everyone went to check their mail. We have a bunch of proud new owners of the Black War Bear.

We had a very successful run... meet some resistance in stormwind, probably because they knew we were in ironforge. But our PVP people in the last 2 groups pwned them. We did the raid at 10PM server time on a friday night.


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