03 May 2010

Christian's Birthday stuff...

Almost all of the boy capes are done now... I need to finish the girl capes still.
All my plans are the same except for a few changes I made to the invites and certificates. I redid the invites and certificates to include comic book font. We also decided that he will have Dirt for his cake instead of a traditional cake. Like pudding, oreo, and gummy worm stuff ... not real Dirt. We will put it in bright colored buckets and serve it with shovels.
Here are the changes I made...

I decided I liked the comic book font and when it came to his invites when I printed them they looked really small, so I changed the info at the bottom to be larger and more legible.
These are a 'proto-type' for Christian's birthday. I hate goody bags and he is to young for writing his own thank you notes so these will serve as both. I used one of Dustin Pikes images (the super dragon) on the front.

What it looks like before printed. I found these work really well if I print them 5x7.


  1. OK, how awesome is this??? You go girl! I can't wait to see the girls capes!


  2. I can't wait to see all the kids faces when they get the capes. They are going to love it!!!