01 August 2010

Cloth Diapers

So, I know I haven't been attending to my blog much lately, but I did not forget about it. Since I have been keeping you waiting so long I figured I'd throw in a little tutorial. I decided on Diapers because they take me about 10 min to make and every momma could use more diapers! LOL
Here we go:

I do not have an actual pattern, so I would recommend tracing a regular diaper onto a paper bag or other sturdy paper. This way you can make your own sizes too.

The steps:
  1. Cut 4 Identical shapes for the diaper.
  2. Cut out a Soaker (a dish cloth is about perfect size for this)
  3. Sew the Soaker onto 1 of the 4 diaper shapes (make sure it is in the very center, also, I like to use a zig-zag stitch all the way around the soaker to keep it in place)
  4. Stack all 4 diaper shapes together (pretty side down, pretty side up, pretty side down, pretty side up with soaker)
  5. Pin them all together and stitch elastic (if desired) around the back and leg holes. (leave the front of the diaper unstitched and unpined.)
  6. Turn the Diaper inside out.
  7. Stitch the front closed and sew on velcro.

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