13 December 2010

Little Prayer Book

I worked on this little book of prayers today. Madison loves it! I wanted an easy reference for her. She asks me constantly about prayers and such, which I don't mind, but find it might be easier for her if she doesn't get my distracted response. It has all the basics she has been wanting to learn. It also contains blank pages in the back, so we can add to her book as her knowledge grows.

On the first page we did the morning prayer, prayer before meals, and the evening prayer.

Page two contains the Sign of the Cross
and the Apostles' Creed.
Page tree contains a "How to" say the rosary.
I used a lot of references she already knew to help explain the steps.

Page four and five continue with the other prayers in the rosary like Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, and O My Jesus. The mysteries are also stated.

These pages contain the conclusion to the Rosary prayers and the 10 commandments.

These pages in brown are her "confession" pages. With instructions for preparing for and receiving the sacrament of reconciliation. I included a list to help her examine her conscience. Of course it is very simple and geared for a 7 year old. Questions include: Have I shown obedience? Do I participate in Mass and keep Sunday holy? Have I prayed? Have I been happy for others when they have things they want or need?

These last two pages contain blank space for her to write her own notes or prayers. And of course we left several blank pages at the end of the book to add more later. For now, this covers all the basics she has been questioning about or they have been going over in CCD.

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