09 January 2011

It's a whole new year....

I just wanted to remind myself how awesome last year was and how great this year is going to be....

Last year started off with a lot of snow and cold. Of course, we are in Alaska, so that shouldn't be to much of a surprise. We took the kids sledding, snowboarding, skiing, and ice skating. Of course Madison participated in Girl Scout events. Madison also participated in her first science fair and received a first place ribbon for her project on clouds! We really got into the Library's story time where Christian and Liberty participated regularly and I even started helping with crafts and such. Before we knew it the school year was coming to an end and the snow was already melting.

Spring brought with it a lot of sludge as all the snow and ice melted. The warmer weather had us dying to spend time outside. The family went to a Girl Scout event that had us flying kites and cleaning up the beach for summer. A spring concert at school and a pre-school graduation for Christian, and we were ready for the heat!

Summer came with long days and new friends. Spending almost every waking hour playing, hiking, camping, sitting around a fire, bbq's, swimming and so much more. Madison and Christian both celebrated birthdays! Soccer, the fair, and a trip to Anchorage made the summer even fuller. Christian learned to ride his bike without training wheels just before the cold weather started kicking in again.

Fall gave us amazing colors and cool weather. It also brought a brand new school year. Madison moving on to 1st grade and Christian staying home and going to speech therapy in preparation for Kindergarten. By October the snow was falling and the kids were ready to get out their sleds.

The holiday's felt amazing and full! Halloween was a blast and Thanksgiving was full! Before we knew it Christmas break was upon us! More sledding and ice skating. I finally talked Todd into buying some tools, and I mean real tools... Like saw and sander and so on. So over the Christmas break we started building things together.
Here we find ourselves in a new year with all the love and joy of last year! This new year will bring us so much I'm sure and we already have some exciting things planned! The science fair, a visit home, another year of Girl Scouts, summer activities, and a new baby!

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