28 September 2010

Learning to make an infant gown...

My favorite thing to put my infants in are the large gowns with the elastic bottoms and mittens built into the sleeves. I figured since I have about 8 months before our new infant arrives, I might as well see if I can come up with a pattern for the gowns. My hope is to have a stock of them for when baby arrives. For the first one I used an old soft T-shirt of mine that came from a Steubenville South retreat. I messed up the built in mittens. When I pictured it in my head it seemed right, but once I put everything together I realized that I will have to the mitten half way around instead of all the way around... all the way around only extends the sleeve (DUH? LOL). Anyway... I didn't focus on seam work or anything, just wanted to get something thrown together to see if I could do it. I only spent a few minutes working on this, which gives me hope. Should I spend some more time on it... I could make it perfect! This is a great start though. I think #4 will be very happy in these!

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  1. Congratulations Sharon! I love your blog. your cousin Heidi (the one with 5 boys in CA)