11 October 2010

Harris Family Coat of Arms

My dear husband and I were looking into making our own family coat of arms. We thought it would be a lot of fun to have one for future family reunions and events. Something to pass on through the generations. I finally got curious and decided to look up the Harris family name and the original coat of arms.
I found this image...

The chevron design represents the roof of a house and the importance of home and family. It is also supposed to represent protection and faithful service. Which I also feels appropriate for our family because of military service.
The gold is supposed to represent generosity. The blue, strength and loyalty.
The hedgehog, according to some, represents a provident provider. I feel that this suits our family well. We try to live joyfully within our means and be content with what we have. Dear husband finds it his main goal to avoid excessive debt and diligently saves and prepares for our future. Hopefully our efforts will prove to provide for ourselves and our families throughout the generations. We also hope to follow the holy families example and live modestly to serve and bless others.
The family motto, which is seen at the image to the right, is "Everywhere to remember one's own country." I am not entirely sure what this motto means. I can see it represent our family, as we move around a lot. No mater where we go, we will always be part of our country. On a more spiritual level, I can see it represent that we can go everywhere on this earth, but none of it will mater when we get to our heavenly home.